dispatch from winter park

Well, we made it to our final destination: Coconut Grove!

A quick recap of our morning in Winter Park:

We had breakfast at a great little organic coffee cafe in downtown Winter Park called Barnie's Coffee Kitchen. We walked the main drag because we had to stop at Restoration Hardware, so we got a better look things on foot. What a vibrant street, filled with local and corporate businesses. There are small, local clothing stores, restaurants galore, and some big name stores like Potter Barn (which is housed in an old theater - see the photo above).

After our stroll we went over to Rifle Paper Co. I did some browsing in their small shop and picked up a few items, as well. The back room was bustling with activity - girls packaging and shipping Rifle's note cards and greeting cards. When I walked by the studio (which is next door), I caught a glimpse of Anna Bond - that is like a big-time celebrity sighting for me!

We also stopped in a cool track bike shop, Ace Metric.

Our last two stops before hitting the road: Eat More Produce to get some delicious green smoothies; and a stop by the printer I use for letterpress and screen printing projects. These guys are amazing and now I have some faces to put with the names. I got the full tour, and best off all I got a sneak peek at some wedding invitations they printed for me. I cannot wait to share this wedding invitation project with you all and I was so excited to see the untrimmed print sheets. Now, I cannot wait, even more, to see the final trimmed product!

We arrived in Coconut Grove around 5PM. We had our mattress delivered (our only piece of furniture, for now). After dinner and running some errands, I have been catching up on emails. Luckily, with this blog post I am calling it a night; I am once again beat tired. Good night!


Unknown said...

I am so glad you have made it! Thanks for bringing us along on the adventure! Hope you have a wonderful first day in your new home!

chloe marty said...

Thanks, Em!

JL Candelaria said...

Yaaayyy!!! Winter Park looks SO cool! It looks like you totally got the Rifle P. notebooks that I was eyeing {I actually was thinking I'd split them 3 ways ;)}... {not that I'm hoping at all that you will!!} anyway, I love that you went and I love what you got!!! That you got to visit the printer and have a tour is so AMAZINGLY cool!

Can't wait for more! Have so much fun in your new city and setting up your new home, FUN!!


chloe marty said...

Jenny - the "feel" of the notebooks is what sold me! Now what to use it for?!?!?! Any ideas???


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