dispatch from oklahoma city

We made it into Oklahoma City this evening ... it was a fairly long day of driving {about 500 miles and almost 9 hours}. Our travels took us through the rest of New Mexico, through the top of Texas, and into Oklahoma. In all honesty, not the most beautiful parts of the country {no offense to anyone!}, but as we got into Oklahoma there were some pretty, rolling hills.

Oklahoma City, from the little, tiny bit we have seen, is a pretty quiet place. Our hotel is in suburbia ... in close proximity to a gorgeous Whole Foods. We settled in to our room and went to dinner at Whole Foods.

Like a lot of suburbia, the area is not super walking-friendly, so after a quick after-dinner walk with Mocha, we are relaxing back in our room.

Tomorrow morning, we are going to go on a run {I am scouting possibilities for where to run, but it may just be a tour of suburbia} and then it will be back on the road; destination Arkansas ...

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Unknown said...

Glad you made it to okc. Loving the dispatches.... :)


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