dispatch from little rock

Today we drove from OKC to Little Rock, Arkansas. We got up early in OKC and went on a trail run on a surprisingly cool trail out at Hefner Lake. We ran a loop called The Bluff Creek Trail that was about 4 miles. It was a wriggling, winding loop with almost all tree-cover, lots of roots, and some creek crossings - I could see how it would be a fun, cruising trail on a mountain bike. It was technically a mountain biking trail, but we had a good time running it. Mocha really appreciated getting some exercise - I think she had a little extra energy to burn off.

After some showers (oh my God, was I a humid, sweaty mess after the run) and a Whole Foods pit stop, we hit the road for Little Rock, Arkansas. Between Oklahoma and Arkansas, there is not too much to report about the landscape. OK was mostly gentle rolling hills. Arkansas' hills were a little bigger and we got to see a small bit of the Ozarks, which were pretty beautiful.

After crossing into Arkansas, we stopped once on the side of the road to let Mocha pee ... and there is no putting it mildly - it is freaking hot and humid. It was 92 degrees with 48% humidity, felt more like a 200 degree stove.

A second stop was made to kick a tick out of the car. Apparently she had hitched a ride with us after the trail run ... the ugly little lady was probably on Mocha and got scrubbed off when we wiped Mocha down with a towel. Then she popped up on John's arm and he flicked her off onto the floorboard {while I was driving}. Later after we switched drivers,  she made an appearance on my arm and I flicked her off onto the floor board. I had enough so John pulled over and we left her on the side of the road. Yuck! I have had the ebbie-geebies ever since and Mocha got a good inspection tonight to make sure that tick had no friends.

Entering Little Rock, we ran in to some horrendous traffic, the kind where it takes you an hour to go 5 miles. When we finally made it into town, to our hotel we were totally beat and ravenously hungry. We grabbed some dinner and came back to the hotel to wind down.

We are less than impressed with Little Rock - it is just kind of blah. Maybe the tick and the traffic jam didn't help, though.  I guess we should also be thankful that the most stressful part of our travels so far have been a tick and one bad traffic jam.

Regardless, we are looking forward to getting to Nashville tomorrow. Another 5-6 hour drive will get us there and we both are pretty sure we will love the city. We are staying at a gorgeous, new, green hotel near Vanderbilt - the Hutton Hotel. We aren't sure if we will stay one night or two in Nashville, but while we are there we are meeting with Pierce & Co. regarding our condo interior design, so that will be fabulously fun! I have a lot great sounding farm-to-table and organic restaurants and cafes scoped out as well.

Yawn... I am super exhausted so I am going to get to bed now.

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