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Lately I cannot eat enough avocado ... I have been eating at least one a day like nobody's business. So, it is no surprise that the green goddess grilled cheese called my name. I usually avoid grilled cheese sandwiches, but between the spinach and avocado, I think I can make this one work. I would definitely put it on some {true} whole grain, seeded bread and I would probably keep the cheese to a minimum. I plan to make this soon, so we'll see.

Ah, Friday! With fairly good weather in the forecast this weekend, we will be getting out on our road bikes, with at least one ride up North (Haviland to Molas) and maybe the other ride in-town. So exciting - the farmers' market starts this weekend! So, John and I will gladly be up bright and early to go snag a bounty of vegetables and stock up on some quiches (that are THE best and only sold at the farmers' market), too. We also plan on heading out to James Ranch's Harvest Grill on Saturday for lunch - we have been dying to go have another one of their burgers since we stopped there after riding the passes in late March.

What do you have planned for your weekend?

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JL Candelaria said...

The grilled cheese looks AMAZING and the coffee ice cubes in almond milk is absolutely beautiful and I will do it sometime for that reason alone!!

<3 U


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