the pick: how it looked

Phew! Back from the wedding in Mexico {boy, did we have a lot of fun!}. I am playing all sorts of catch-up so pardon my quick little post ... just wanted to share how the dress looked that you all helped to pick!

I did end up wearing a gold cuff - just a cheapy from Claire's. And, I wore the t-strap sandals I mentioned here.

As I comb through my emails today, I find myself wishing I was combing my toes through the sand still. Needless to say, I am having a somewhat rough time with the transition back to reality from my vacaciones de tres amigas.


JL Candelaria said...

It was perfect Chloe!!! Although, I know which sandals you were wearing, I still would like to see a full body shot if you have one (maybe another time)! I know what you mean about getting back after it... I could find myself in the same slump next week!


chloe marty said...

JL, cannot wait to hear about your trip!!!!!!


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