the pick!

So... after all your very helpful input I made a decision on which dress I will wear to the wedding in Mexico at the end of this month! The winner is the Rachel Pally Kit Wrap Dress, which came with a raw hem meant to be cut to the wearer's length. I decided to have mine cut to the knee! I loved the idea of a long dress, but I think I will be more comfortable in the sand in a shorter dress. I am keeping the footwear flat and decided to go for Sam Edelman's Gigi T-Strap flat sandals in gold. My last item of business is some gold jewelry {necklace? bracelet?} to round out my wedding attire. I don't wear jewelry {other than my wedding band} often, but I think this dress needs to be dressed up a little and some baubles should do the trick!

I like these necklaces:
And these bracelets:
I would like to spend less on my jewelry, though ... $100 or less so I may only get one or the other {necklace OR bracelet} or look for some cheapy stuff.


Allyson said...

Love it! Perfect for the beach!

JL Candelaria said...

Yay Chloe! I think you will look stunning in this dress and it is a perfect neck line for you. I think knee length will look fantastic and the gold t-staps are a great choice, very beachy! I like the xoxo necklace best for you and think it is very wedding appropriate, but I think a bracelet would be the more important accessory here though. #4 the bangles are my favorite but I think #1 by Marc Jacobs would look great with the outfit too. Either option you could use lots more, so I think you can't go wrong and SHOULD get one of them!!! I can't wait to see pictures! You'll have to have someone take a few full body shots of you that you share with us when you're back!

chloe marty said...

JL, I ended up ordering a bracelet today and went with the NOIR for LAMB set ... I had a 20% off coupon code (INTHEFAMILY20) to use at shopbop, so the bracelet was $70-ish. I will def try to get photos to share!!!

Unknown said...

Oh, it will look so good!! I love the dress choice and am glad you are altering it to knee length! A perfect choice! The bracelet will be a fab addition and I am already (not very patiently) awaiting pictures!!


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