this is us october 2016

Last month we spent some time with Rachel of Green Chair Stories so that she could take some photos of us like she did last December. She met us at our house while I was getting Raffa dressed and then we headed out to grab coffee and snack and then head to the park. Our October was ridiculously warm, so we weren't missing any chance to enjoy the 70 degree weather.

Raffa was so excited to see Rachel again, and couldn't wait to show her ALL his stuff, including his camera and map (from the pumpkin patch we went to in Durango a couple weeks prior - laminated by Mimi to make it last).

We headed to Allegro Coffee on Tennyson ... one of our go to areas. It is less than two miles from our house and over the past three years has blown up with great local spots to eat.

Above is said pumpkin patch map, which remains a favorite. Thank goodness Mimi laminated it so that it lasts! Below, pipes are always a draw ... that decided our spot to sit.
Unfortunately, my gingerbread latte tasted like soy sauce on rice... I kid you not. We all tried it, Rachel included and John insisted on exchanging it for something a little more desirable.

Again, the pipes ... gotta check them out.

Park time!

Once again, Rachel's photos are a priceless treasure - a snapshot of us in this moment in time. This is us in October 2016.

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