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Note: This post is part of a blog book club and is a post about my feelings and opinions in regards to this book. Read more about the blog book club and why I read this book here. This post was written after I read the book and therefor contains SPOILERS, so don't read this post if you aren't finished with the book!

Overall Thoughts

This book was not at all what I expected. It was a whole different type of mystery than I usually get in to ... I was expecting a murder or something sinister. And, although the subject matter was creepy (major stalking doing serious stalking), Moriarty kept things quite light and even humorous. Things never felt dangerous or scary. That threw me because I was expecting true crime stalker mystery, and instead I got light hearted, rom com stalker mystery. Moriarty led me on like something BIG might happen at any moment, but it didn't. I felt a little cheated.

I enjoyed how the book was told from different viewpoints, which as this was the second of Moriarty's books I have read, I know see that this might be part of her thing.

Opinion on Characters

Ellen was likable. Sweet and relatable. I felt like, although I didn't find her to be super similar to me, I could really relate to her and pretty much never disagreed with her. If anything I just wanted her to stand up for herself a little more. I am not sure what I think about hypnotism, but the idea is certainly intriguing. One of those things I am also slightly apprehensive about, though. Kind of like characters in this book - what if I were to reveal something from my subconscious that I don't really want to know!?

Patrick was likable, too. Strong and handsome, and a good dad - attractive qualities. I liked him for Ellen. I worried very marginally about his lingering love for his dead first wife because, honestly, it was romantic that he loved her so much. I was a little concerned about him for a while, not sure how volatile he was ... did his stalker hold some dark, scary secret about him? Moriarty led me to believe she may. But, alas, no - Patrick was just a good guy.

Saskia was annoying but not enough to get worked up about. She was also kind of likable too and if anything I was hoping she would move on for her own sake. She seemed capable of it.

All the other characters weren't of much consequence, and if anything, just didn't matter. Kind of going along with that feeling that something big could happen any moment ... the auxiliary characters were just fluff.

Rating the Book

To sum up my feelings about various aspects of this book, I offer the following ratings...

Scale 1 - 10 with 10 being the best

Plot/Story // 7
Pace // 6
Length // 8
Characters // 7
Ending // 7
Overall // 7

Would I recommend this book to a friend? Not necessarily. I have read many books that I like more and would recommend over this one.

If you read The Hypnotist's Love Story too, 

I would love to hear your thoughts! Please share your opinion of the book in the comments below and let's get a little discussion going.

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