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I have been focusing a whole lot on my REMEMBER the days™. I (finally) set up social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram) for the REMEMBER the day™ brand, and I have been spending quite a bit of my time generating photos and content for those accounts.

For so long I resisted getting the REMEMBER the day™ brand on to social media. I knew it would require a time commitment to generate quality, worth while content that would engage my audience. Well, I was not wrong. Getting quality photography and generating content for my REMEMBER the day™Facebook and Instagram accounts has consumed my time the past couple of weeks (since setting the accounts up). 
If you are so inclined you can "Like" REMEMBER the day™ on Facebook or Follow Us on Instagram @remember_the_day_artwork. We are also on Pinterest. I am putting together some fun stuff across the accounts, and publishing some of it on the REMEMBER the day™ blog, too.

Today on the REMEMBER the day™ blog and social media, I am sharing a "Get this Nursery" post with sources to the exact or similar pieces that are found in this amazing nursery that was featured in Lonny magazine in August 2012:

I promise I have not given up on andchloe! I have so much I want to share on here, too, but right now it is a balancing act to deliver on all my obligations (like freelance work), fulfill REMEMBER the day™ orders, blog here, do the REMEMBER the day™ social media, and most importantly - be MOMMY.

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