our valentines + a printable for you

I made some Valentine's that Raffa and I could both send out this year. I sent some with notes from me and on others I let Raffa do a little coloring and then added messages from him.
Surprisingly, Raffa was not super in to coloring on the Valentine's so it was a good thing I only needed his touch on about six of them.

If you need some Valentine's post cards to print and give, I have modified my design a bit and made it available as a printable here. Just print, cut, customize with a note, and give/send!

Hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day spent with those you love, cherishing quality time with them! We don't have any super special plans. Raffa has his first swim lessons class, though, so that's exciting.

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chloe marty said...

Hooray!! I have a couple little gifts for the kids and my Mom, but didn't have any cards!!! So this is perfect! What a fun surprise!! I love me a good printable ;) Thank You and happy Valentines Day, XOXOX!


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