our valentine's party 2015

We had the most lovely Valentine's Day; we had a little Valentine's Day party with cooking decorating over at Jonna's (my sister) house. Mimi (my mom), Raffa, and I came over after Raffa and Asher were both up from their naps.
We had some fun treats for the boys, including Finkelstein love pigs (Jonna also got Raffa a Finkelstein x Land of Nod elephant), Hot Wheel's 90210 1965 Mustang, temporary tattoos, chocolate hearts, homemade/handmade Valentines, and more.
After the boys explored their Valentine gifts (and ate lunch), it was cookie decorating time. As to be expected more eating of cookies, frosting, and sprinkles went on than actual decorating. 
 It was such a fun little party, which ended with the boys closing themselves in Asher's room to work on some "repairs". They were in the room for a half hour or more using Asher's tools and making tool noises to repair Asher's rug.

Raffa took one of the heart balloons with us when we left, and it has provided quite a bit of entertainment in the car ever since.

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chloe marty said...

Yes!!! Your post is *far* more organized than mine! Your description of the first half, compared to the perfunctory reading of the second half, is spot on for me! Also is the excitement of Bernadette's going missing versus her actually being found. I may have been able to get that across as well had I written the post sooner ;P

Also agreed is your thoughts on Elgin and Soo-Lin. His disappointing choices I attributed to the years that came before, which certainly made him a bit *less of a bad guy than the pace of the book led him to be.

Soo-Lin...just annoyed me. But I liked that even though she was screwed up she seemed to get it. Her situation was just overall unfortunate.

Audrey was who I found unrealistic. She definitely needed punched!!! I was glad that she turned and ended up sort of saving the day. But, I wasn't sure that could happen so quickly. Though for the story's sake I was sure glad it did!!

Bee was really the best of the whole book. And then Bernadette. They were definitely lovable and easy for me to relate to!

I can't wait to start the next book!!! xoxox!!


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