Logo Design // Lana Cordes, Realtor

Logo design is always some of my favorite work. I really enjoy the whole process, starting with hearing about the client's vision and translating that in to some initial design concepts. The process can be made even more fun, or maybe just a little easier, when I am working with some one I know well. When I know some one, I typically can "get" their vision even quicker and hone in on what they are wanting easier. Such was the case with Lana Cordes, a friend who I have know literally since I was born. Some use that phrase as a figure of speech but in this case it is the literal truth.

Lana became a Realtor specializing in the residential Denver market in January, and she came to me to help her with her personal Realtor brand. After we talked back and forth and she put together a Pinterest inspiration board, these are the initial designs I sent over to Lana ...
I feel like part of the fun on this whole process is seeing the initial design concepts and then seeing the final product. And, this is the final logo we arrived at:
And that logo is in a classy navy blue, by the way, as dictated by the accompanying brand guide.
And lastly, business cards:

I am super excited for Lana and this new venture. And, to work with her some more on a few more branding and collateral pieces. You can find out more about Lana on DenverSweetHome.com.

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