valentine's gift ideas

Valentine's Day is just a couple weeks away at this point. Many view Valentine's Day as a commercial holiday. And while I would tend to agree to a certain extent, I don't think it ever hurts to take advantage of an opportunity to treat those you love and remind them how special they are. That said, I believe no gift is necessary. Some well chosen words might be the best bet, or maybe a thoughtful card whether purchased or handmade.

I opt to buy gifts when I have a gift or gifts in mind that I know will be especially appreciated. It is in that spirit that I have rounded up a few Valentine's Day gift ideas ... items that are thoughtful, in many cases handmade or locally made, and items that the recipient is sure to treasure as a reminder of the warmth of the gift giver's love.

Banquet Workshop Fluoro Heart Print $50 + framing from Simply Framed $70 // Ritual Chocolate Fleur de Sel Dark Chocolate* $6.75 // Mirdinra Kitchen Tea Towel $20 // Finkelstein's Love Pig† $46 // Topo Designs Camp Blanket* $169 // Pigeon Toe Ceramics Tumbler / Coffee Mug† $30 // Bruder Tipping Container Truck $54.99

* indicates Denver-local product and † indicates handmade

I got Raffa and Asher each on of the Finkelstein's Love Pigs. I was tempted to get Raffa the Bruder truck, too but I will wait until another time. I got a little something for my mom, sister, and John but I can't spoil that here! Ha!

What will you do for or give to your Valentine(s) this year?


chloe marty said...

I agree! I think any day we get to tell the people we love how special they are is great. Ryan and I typically do handmade or little gifts. This year Ben is getting a personalized little guy apron from Williams Sonoma as he loves to help us in the kitchen. :) (BTW- we have the Bruder cement mixer and the quality is amazing!)

chloe marty said...

I love handmade gifts! Like what have you guys made for each other in past years??? And thanks for the Bruder tip - they looked pretty exceptional. I look forward to adding one to Raffa's collection. Does Ben like his???

chloe marty said...

Everything from movies and "mix-tapes" to little wood projects, and more and more frequently home-made cards. Ben does like his Bruder but I can attest from his friends liking it too that it's great. You can actually put stuff in the cement mixer (think lentils) and turn it to have them come out. We might venture down that road this Spring.;)


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