instacart & the day we became models

Have you heard of Instacart? It is actually a quite amazing service: you order your groceries online through Instacart, one of Instacart's shoppers is in the area and on-call to go shop, they shop your list, you can track the shopper to your door, and they deliver your groceries for a delivery fee of $10 (say what? so low!), sometimes within an hour. They shop all sorts of local grocery stores, but the really good news is that Whole Foods officially rolled out their partnership with Instacart a week ago on December 3rd. So now, all that convenience is available with my grocery store of choice. It really, quite literally blows my mind and if I weren't in the one, teeny, tiny pocket of Denver that is included in the delivery area, I would likely use the service. By the way, first delivery over $10 is free.

Anyways, this really isn't a PSA for Instacart, what I am really sharing is my, John, and Raffa's experience as Whole Foods/Instacart models. Funny enough, you read correctly - we made our modeling debut in a campaign put together for the Rocky Mountain region of Whole Foods stores by one of our best friends, who is a marketer for Whole Foods.

A couple of weeks ago, we opened our home to our friend/Whole Foods marketing gal extraordinaire, her {giant} Rhodesian Ridgeback (another one of the models, as you will see), her graphic artist, and her professional photographer. We were on board as models - John the Instacart delivery guy, me as mom taking advantage of the service, and Raffa as an order placer. Our front door and kitchen nook made cameos as, well, a front door and a kitchen nook; and our kitchen got the messiest part, which is where Maynard the Rhodesian came in.

I am not sure who stole the show the most ... Raffa, who loved having his home turned into a photo shoot set and was happy to eat all the crackers and show off his vocabulary to the "crew"? Maybe it was John, who hammed it up for the camera. Or, perhaps it was Maynard, who got to eat chicken and noodles and a chicken pot pie off my floor, and who listened impressively well, allowing the photographer to get the money shot.

Regardless, we had a ton of fun with our small part of this campaign ... and if you live in the Rocky Mountain region (Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Utah) you may just see these image, and our smiling faces, in a store near you!

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