rock creek farms pumpkin patch

Earlier this week on Wednesday, we went to the pumpkin patch at Rock Creek Farm. We went for the quintessential pumpkin patch activity: to pick pumpkins! The wide open pumpkin fields were as good as a playground for Raffa and Asher; and we found four perfect pumpkins to take home.

After spending some time walking around, digging in the dirt, and poking at pumpkins we set the boys up for some photos. At first they were not into it, but soon they forgot it was a photo shoot and we had the pleasure of watching the conversation between them unfold.

We also got to see some cows, ponies, donkeys, and pigs. The boys loved it, well Raffa just liked running around some more (nothing new there).

Our last stop was to admire the vintage Case tractor. Asher drove and Raffa kicked the tires. There was lots of talk about "tractors" and Papa (Papa has tractors) and wheels. More photos and more running around for Raffa.

Not pictured are two tumbles Raffa took - the first was a face plant into some hay which gave him some nice superficial hay scratches all over his face. After a quick cry and a three second recovery period, he was off again. The other tumble was Raffa biting the (hard, dirt) ground and left him with a nice swollen and split lip. The recovery was not as quick, and it afforded me some snuggling on the way to the car. I'll took the opportunity and enjoyed every snuggly second.

Happy Halloween tomorrow!

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