zoo day

Last weekend we went to the zoo with some good friends of ours who were babysitting a toddler for a friend. Raffa had only been to the zoo once before, when he was about three months old, so it goes without saying that he enjoyed more this time because he was actually aware of the animals this time. Granted, riding around in his blue car and getting some freedom to walk around (and play some drums) were equally a part of the allure of the zoo for Raffa, but he did enjoy some of the animals, too. Namely the bears were of interest to him; some of the birds were too. The gorillas, elephants, and giraffes are all nice and big (and easy to see), unlike some lizard we saw that blended in with the log it was on.

Typically I would warn against going to the zoo on a Saturday, and it was really crowded when we went. But, our respite came from the not-too-hot weather, some nice cloud cover, and even some light sprinkling of rain.

John had never been to the Denver Zoo, no have John and I ever been to a zoo together, so it was really fun excursion in that sense too. It was so much fun to go with our friends, too. They are some of our closest friends, and their enthusiasm (willingness?) to do "family" excursions and still (appear to) have fun is one of the reasons we love them so much. Soon enough they will have a family of their own (they are working on it) and then we can have some true family double dates!

what I am wearing:
tee // Ascot + Hart Perfect V Neck (sold out) or similar here and here
shorts // One Teaspoon Bandits in Fox Black
shoes // Vans Classic Slip On Checkerboard

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