tiny town

Unfortunately, we didn't get to leave for Durango last week like we had planned. We had to postpone our trip until this week; and so we were around Denver this weekend. Friday night, Tiny Town popped in my head and for a quick, inexpensive outing we took Raffa yesterday (Sunday). I figured he would enjoy walking around Tiny Town and would like riding the train. They also have a playground it turns out; so Raffa loved that too.

Coincidentally, (although not shown in these photos) Raffa got his first scraped elbow yesterday. And his first scraped knee. And his first scraped forehead. Not all three happened at once; each was actually a separate incident - and no tears were shed. Such is the life of my little wild man.

We'll definitely have to go back to Tiny Town. Yesterday, he appreciated it for the freedom it offered him to walk around. In the future, he will enjoy seeing the little buildings. And, we'll have to come back with my nephew, Asher, so he can ride the train, because that is right up his alley.


chloe marty said...

Adorable- great photos!

chloe marty said...

Tiny Town! So much fun! I have some great memories there as a kid and frankly I wouldn't mind going again as an adult! Looks like your babe had a blast!

chloe marty said...

I had gone as a kid, too and it was interesting to go back. It's a cheap activity, too - only $5 to get in.


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