durango farmers' market

We are in Durango right now, enjoying one of our favorite things - a Durango summer. We have had beautiful weather, but we also had a couple of cozy, rainy days too. Another one of our favorite things is the Durango Farmers' Market. We have been to farmers' markets in Denver, Miami, and several citied in between and I have to say, the Durango one is the best I have been to. It is large enough to get what you need but not so big that it is overwhelming. It is bustling, but it isn't so busy that it is a pain to shop. Lastly, there is a great selection of everything you might need - lots of fresh vegetables, some fruit, meats and cheeses, some prepared foods and coffee, flowers, breads and pastries, roasted New Mexico green chiles, a knife sharpener, and a few other miscellaneous vendors (clothing, scarfs, jams/jellies, etc.).

On Saturday, I wore Raffa in our Sakura Bloom and we headed down to the farmers' market. That's another bonus - it is an easy three block walk from home! I love how quiet Main Ave. is on Saturday mornings, and it is always a lovely walk down to the farmers' market since we go before things get busy. On our walk, Raffa caught his reflection in a window and was making some of the funniest faces I have ever seen him make; and it was absolutely adorable too.

Since we are here for a little over a week, we went ahead and got a good little sampling of vegetables to make salads for the next few nights. The salad greens mix from Stone Free Farm is amazing, and you don't usually hear people getting that excited about the greens in their salad. We also got some pickling cucumbers, some amazingly delicious heirloom tomatoes (I think they were Cherokee Purple), and some Easter egg radishes. The guys at Fields to Plate who we bought our radishes from were a riot; farmers all hopped up on coffee and super excited about their beets and radishes. But, I mean look at the colors and presentation - it was truly gorgeous.

We always get quiche from Bread, too, because they are literally the most delicious quiche you will ever eat. I love quiche and have made or purchased and eaten a lot of them, so I feel qualified to make this assertion. John went with his usual green chile and bacon and I had goat cheese and herb. They are the perfect accompaniment to the fresh salad.

I really wish we were going to be around next weekend to go again! But the farmers' market goes through October here in Durango so I hope to make it back maybe once or twice more before the season ends.


chloe marty said...

This looks fabulous and you and Raffa look quite happy "at home." If you ever make it there in the summer, Missoula, Mt, is home to my favorite farmers market.

chloe marty said...

It has been gorgeous weather while we have been here and the farmers' market it the perfect way to spend the morning - for sure!

chloe marty said...

good to know, Jess, because Missoula is somewhere we have no been therefor have not gotten to go to the farmers' market there! :)


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