stripes + my favorite shorts

I suddenly realized a couple weeks ago that I was wearing almost exclusively black or white tank tops. So, to remedy the situation, I went and got myself a couple of gray and black and white striped tank tops. Phew! Glad I got that taken care of. The tank on the left is the Lady and the Sailor Bare Tank and the one on the right is a T by Alexander Wang Striped Linen Tank.

Have I told you about my favorite new denim brand? No I have not. Well, my and everyone else's favorite - one teaspoon. They make the coolest short, cut-off, rolled, and a little slouchy jean shorts. It's an Australian brand and they are popping up everywhere I look. Which makes me happy because I love their shorts and have several pairs. And the price point is a little easier to swallow than some other designer denim brands.

My particular favorite is the bandit style ... I have them in several washes, but mustang, cobain (shown), and hendrix (shown above) are my favorite. The sizing is a little crazy because they are Australian. I wear a 22 or 23 in one teaspoon, and for reference, in most US-based brands I wear a 24 or 25. You can size up or down depending on how short you want to go or how much slouch you want.

And, hey, why not pair all this with the quintessential summer of 2014 sandal - the Birkenstock! Who would have ever thought these would make a come back. Not me, that's for sure. But I jumped on the bandwagon anyways. If Birks aren't for you, I have also been loving my white perforated leather Vans.

Lastly, I don't wear hats much but I imagine if I did, it might be this Panama from JCrew.

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