wedding invitation design // jonna + erik

I am so excited; we are heading to California for my sister's wedding. I already call him my brother-in-law, but technically he is not yet but will be as of June 12.

The wedding is a very intimate event. Immediate family only will be in attendance; so invitations were more of a tradition and keepsake than anything else.

My sister wanted a floral design with a watercolor style. The text was the other major element of the design, for which we combined several typefaces, a mix of a script/handwritten font and some modern block fonts.

The wedding will be part of a whole vacation that we are taking together. We will enjoy over a week in California wine country. We included a map with the invitation with the region we will enjoy; specifically San Francisco, Healdsburg, and Sonoma.

Since my sister got engaged years ago (yes, years), I had been waiting to design these wedding invitations for her. I finally got to and I am so thrilled with how pretty they turned out. And, as thrilled as I was to work on these invitations, I am even more excited to celebrate the marriage of my sister and brother-in-law all while enjoying a vacation with my favorite people.


chloe marty said...

They couldn't be more lovely, Chloe!

chloe marty said...

thanks, Jenny!


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