style grunge?

We recently went to a BBQ to which my husband wore a dress shirt, nice jeans, and leather shoes (what he had worn to class that day) and I wore a tee shirt, cut-off shorts, and my Vans. I remarked that we must look like an interesting couple to which he agreed calling me "grungey". I tried not to take offense since none was meant, but I would, personally not choose to describe my style as grungey. I am not sure how I would describe this style that has evolved into lots of cut-offs (some short, some baggy, all pretty destroyed), tees, and Vans.

But this has become my uniform. I find it to be comfortable and it is pretty effortless for chasing after a one year old. Maybe I can think of a better descriptive than John's "grungey" one.

// look no. 1 // 

Buy Me Brunch Weird tee

ONEteaspoon Cobain Bandits shorts (also like this wash)

Vans Classics Checkerboard Slip-ons

// look no. 2 //

of one sea tank

Madewell Campground Shorts: Rip and Repair edition

Vans Classics Slip-On Perf Leather

// hat //
Biltmore® and Madewell Panama Hat

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