recipes on my mind

{photos courtesy of the The First Mess, Eats Well With Others, and PaleOMG, respectively.}
// cauliflower and roasted garbanzo “rice + peas” // from The First Mess

// spring vegetable quinoa salad with lemon basil dressing // from Eats Well With Others

// easy chocolate almond butter cups // from PaleOMG

I am just coming off of a three day juice cleanse, my third, and I am definitely ready to have solid food back in my life. This cleanse was the most difficult for me in terms of feeling hungry. The juices keep me full for the most part {16 oz every 2 hours + water will do that }, but with a lot of other stuff going on the past three days, I actually accidentally skipped at least one juice a day! That left me feeling hungry; and I am specifically craving these two salads ... luckily they are made from delicious and wholesome veggies! I likely won't get a chance to make them until I get back from Durango, but I am really looking forward to it!

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