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On a whim earlier this week, I revised my hello there, design logo. For those who do not know, hello there, design is the business under which I do graphic design.

I was looking for a logo that was easier to read, as I felt the typefaces in my previous logo were to thin. I also wasn't feeling like the "old" logo fit me anymore. So, I quickly changed it up. I kept the little comma, but made it less of a dominant design element. I also put the focus on "DESIGN". Honestly, I was so tired of the old logo, I felt like any update to the logo was an improvement. I am happy with this logo for now, but I would not be surprised if I change it up again soon. When I say that I revised the logo on a whim is accurate, along with saying that it was a very quick revision. I would like to spend more time and tweak it a little further. This new one will work for now though.

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