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Like most of us, I am creature of habit and I am content in my routines. I believe that, by nature, we thrive under the familiar tasks, events, and responsibilities of the day to day. And, when you are mindful about your day to day routine; many aspects of our day become more than just part of that routine.

Routine implies something you do on autopilot; something mundane. But when you look closely, it is quite lovely how many little parts of your day are opportunities to appreciate each moment we have. Finding happiness in the small things is, I believe more rewarding and offers longer lasting contentment than relying on the large and momentous to give you a happiness "high."

I can think of so many examples in my daily "routine" that are elevated to much more. My run is certainly a cog in my overall daily routine, but it is also a ritual in that it does more than keep my physical body healthy. It allows me time to myself, moments to think, and five miles to tend to my soul. Mealtimes are also more than just a routine. Mealtimes are a time to feed ourselves as well as an opportunity to nourish our bodies with wholesome, good foods. Furthermore, a meal shared with family and/or friends allows time to nurture relationships and enjoy those we love. That is not just simply a routine. A walk with Raffa certainly satisfies his desire to be outdoors, and his pure enjoyment of it makes it more than simply an afternoon routine.

Being more mindful in the time I spend with my family, even doing the everyday mundane, is an ongoing personal improvement project for me. In fact, it was one of the pieces of my 2014 puzzle. When I read this quote last night, it immediately reminded me of that resolution and gave me a chance to assess my progress.

What are your daily rituals? What in your daily routine brings you joy?

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