plum district :: remember the day canvases 50% off

Again, happy valentine's day! Not an obligatory happy valentine's day or a let's-remember-to-appreciate-eachother-because-it-is-a-holiday happy valentine's day. But a genuine happy day to you and thank you for reading and supporting my blog.

My REMEMBER the day canvases are up on Plum District today for 50% off; so they are only $72 instead of $145. It is a steal; and although it is tough to squeak them out for that price point from my cost-perspective - it is awesome to reach new customers and hear from my treasured existing customers.

There is a limit of 5 vouchers per person, but that is still plenty to cover your gift-giving needs for the next six months (when the vouchers expire). You cannot purchase gift certificates, but since the vouchers are good for six months you can save them and use them as your friends get married or as someone welcomes a new baby.

Head over and get in on the deal here!

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