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It has been a while since I have shared any logo designs I have worked on, so today I am sharing a logo that is actually still a work in progress. These are the initial logo concepts that I provided to my client an we are now farther down the logo design process road refining a chosen concept. I wanted to share the initial concepts, one because we aren't finished so I don't want to post an unfinished logo. And, two because I just really like all of these.

Often when I work on a logo and present four to six initial concepts to a client, I have a definite favorite that I leans towards. In this case, I have that favorite as usual. And, as is sometimes the case, my favorite is not the client's favorite and it can be difficult to say "bye" to the concepts that get "thrown out." Sharing the initial concepts is an opportunity to put my favorite out there that otherwise won't be seen.

Can you guess which one is my favorite? Which one do you like the best?

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