I had a very nice weekend. On Saturday, I went on my usual 5:30AM run. After little John's morning nap, around 11:00AM, we went on a walk in his Joovy tricycle. We had lunch at home; and then rushed over to music class. After his afternoon nap, around 2:00PM, we went on a four mile walk - this time with little John riding in the bob stroller. Later in the afternoon, we went with mimi on an errand up in Boulder. On Sunday, I got to go on a run with one of my favorite people at Sloan's Lake. After lunch with mimi at home, my hubs got home and all of us {me, little John, John, and Mocha} went for a five mile walk. The weather this weekend was gorgeous, for sure; and it made all those runs and walks extra enjoyable. But, what really did it for me is that it actually felt like a weekend. For a long time, all of my days of the week have been running together. The routine is the same regardless of whether it is a weekday or a weekend day. With so much going on, and with an 8-month old, the concept of a weekend spent hanging out and relaxing just fell by the wayside. I hadn't even thought much of it, actually.

Then, the holidays came and went. The holidays offered a break but still were different than that weekend feeling. I was so sad to see the holidays go, but I still didn't realize how much I missed the weekend.

This weekend reminded me. I miss slowing down a little on Saturday and Sundays. Taking extra long walks. Not focusing so much on what "needs" to get done. As we were walking in the gorgeous sixty degree January weather today, I told my Johns how all the sudden I realized how much I missed this weekend feeling. As we walked through a neighborhood, we could hear the sounds of people BBQing with friends in the backyard, enjoying just hanging out on a Sunday afternoon. I told my Johns, I miss that.

It is tricky, because often my John has school on the weekends, or school assignments and commitments. For me, I work 7 days a week and I don't just mean as a mom. I work 7 days a week on design projects for clients. When the bulk of your work is done between the hours of 7PM and 11PM everyday, you need every second of those four hours, every day of the week.

But, I miss the weekends. I want to cultivate that weekend feeling again. I want to just hang out with friends on the weekend. I want to go on more long walks. I am getting a good start this week, we are heading to Durango. And, although it is the weekdays and I will have plenty of work to do, perhaps just being out of town will help cultivate that weekend feeling. And, in a couple weeks, little John and I are going up in the mountains with friends for a girls (and one little guy) weekend. From there, I hope to make more of my weekends weekend-y and differentiate them from Monday through Friday.

How was you weekend? I hope it was lovely.

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