plaid flannel + belt + denim + bootie

I have been wearing a variation of this outfit a lot lately, just swap out a different pair of jeans and a different flannel. It serves me well for going grocery shopping, meeting up with a client, or going out to dinner for date night.

I feel like this outfit comes off as looking very western when I see it laid out above, but in person it actually doesn't quite have that flair. I say that because western isn't personally my style, and so you would not see me in this outfit if that was the flair of it.

I do love this Madewell Plaid Boyshirt in Rose Tartan. It is a flannel, but the colors are a little less winter/woodsman and are more of something that could maybe carry us into spring (pink and blue, more muted).

The belt is my favorite belt: the B-Low the Belt braided belt. It has been a staple for me since way way way back (like three years or so).

The jeans are one of my favorite of the moment because they are so amazingly and stretchy and comfortable. They hold their shape well and are flattering. The best part? They are $60 on Zappos. No joke. Blank NYC The Skinny Classique in No Time For Dat have a very refreshing price tag. I don't require my jeans to be expensive, it just so happens that typically the pairs that fit me well are over $100. I wish they were all priced at fitted like these!

Lastly, my favorite boots this winter. As in I like them so much I want to buy another pair for when this pair kicks the dust. The Freebird by Steve Morgan bootie.

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