nursery update

I am happy to report that I have pretty much stuck to the last revision of the little John's nursery plans that I shared back in October. I am still in the process of putting everything together, but any changes that have been made to my plan are more of the accessory variety.

I wanted to offer a little update on the progress, however, and share some of the changes and additional pieces with you. The drywall work that needed to be done in the room was finished in November; carpet was installed in early December {finally!!!}.

Take a look at the progress on Instagram.  I have the crib and lamp in their place (can't see the lamp in the Instagram photo); and the mobile above the crib. I put one of our nightstands in there (only one of our nightstands would fit in our bedroom), to use as storage. And, I ended up deciding to use the Wegner shell chair we have instead of purchasing a new nursery chair. It is not the most cozy chair, but really is surprisingly comfortable. I snapped up a cowhide ottoman to go with the shell chair (increases the comfortable factor). A few other little details I have recently added: a coin bank (or a bud vase I will use as a coin bank, a pillow, and a wood cutting).

Next up, I am waiting for the rug to arrive. It is not due to ship until late January, maybe later. And, we are still working on the dresser situation. I have decided not to use the dresser I showed in my plans. I want to go with a white or walnut one, so I am on the hunt.

Take a look at my Pinterest board for sources on all items in the nursery, including the ones shown above.

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