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We had some cold temperatures here in Denver over the past week. I am talking single digits, even midday. Call me dedicated, or call me crazy, but I still run in these kinds of temperatures. I find that short of hard sleet or a freezing wind, single digit temperatures are comfortable to run in for me. Plus, I LOVE running in the snow, so despite cold temperatures, if it snows you can bet I am going to want to get out there and run in it!

I often get questions about what I wear to run in the winter, and after I posted the photo above to Instagram where John and I were heading out on a run in less than 10 degree weather, those questions doubled.

Temps this low do require me to dress a little warmer than usual though. My internal thermostat is quite a warm one, so I don't have trouble keeping warm once I am moving, which leads me to believe this cold weather running gear I am about to share may work well for the average gal in even higher temps (up to 20-30 degrees).

I start with a a good running bra (not pictured), and find that the Lululemon Flow Y bra works well for me.

Next I put on a baselayer tank. My favorite is the Lululemon Run Swiftly Tech Racerback Tank.

To top it off, I like a warm, long sleeve top with thumb holes and a higher neck. I have several different brands and materials, but something like the Icebreaker Flash Long Sleeve Half Zip works.

For tights, I never seem to need them to be too heavy (unless it is sleeting or freezing windy), and I love the Athleta Relay Tight. I used to like Lululemon's running tights, but this pair by Altheta beats any Lululemons I have seen recently in quality, fit, and comfort. Many of the running branks (Nike, Saucony, Brooks, etc.) make tights, too, but I have yet to find a pair that fit me well and that are made of a material that doesn't feel icky and cheap to me.

My favorite socks right now are the Balega Hidden Comfort in the thicker weight. I wear them on a daily basis plus for super cold runs.

For my noggen on super cold days, I like a hat that goes down over my ears. I have a Turtle Fur brand hat that I have had for almost 10 years that I love. They don't make the exact one anymore, but this one is pretty close.

In order to truly keep you hands/fingers warm in super cold weather you need not just gloves, but mittens. I have an awesome pair from Lululemon that my sister gave me for Christmas several years ago. They are gloves with a little mitten that pops up over your fingers when you need it. Lululemon doesn't make them anymore, but these Saucony Ulti-Mit are basically the same thing and I love this coral color.

And, lastly, my current pair of running shoes are the Asics Gel Cumulus 15; which I like but for your best running shoe fit, I suggest talking to a helpful person at your local running store.

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