john raphael marty :: 7 months old

My John is quickly becoming not so little. I find more and more that I call him John as opposed to little John.

This is what his seventh month of life looks like:
  • he sits up like a pro
  • he bounces while seated - he does this when he is excited and also to scoot forward to get closer to something he wants/likes
  • he is working on crawling - gets up on all fours, turns circles on his tummy, etc.
  • he loves Mocha; he sits on the floor and talks, smiles, laughs, and shouts at her (she has yet to reciprocate)
  • he is in the throes of teething, but there are no teeth in sight
  • he can hold on to his crib bars and pull himself up to stand; he also tries to do this in not-so-safe places like on the end of the couch (he requires constant supervision!)
  • he does much better in his car seat (he hated it from about 3 months to 5 months)
  • he plays well on his own, and will sit with his toys playing, talking, squealing, and examining
  • he is as sweet as ever; a friendly, happy baby
  • he had several firsts this past month including: first carousel ride, first train ride, and first time in the swimming pool, first time playing in the snow - he enjoyed all of those things
Also very exciting, he is in his own room! We finally have the carpet in his room, and we have started implementing the nursery plans. We went with the white Babyletto crib which John now sleeps in (quite well, too! we had some sleep association issues with the binky which took all of one night to break. now for the most part he sleeps through the night). We have the lamp, a nightstand (the second nightstand from our bedroom set which doesn't fit in our room), and some prints in his room. We are waiting on the rug which was backordered. And we are finishing the antique dresser, and still making a final decision on a nursery chair. I cannot wait to share his nursery eventually, as I love how it is coming together; and it is closer than ever!

I post photos of him regularly to Instagram and you can see those photos hashtagged as #johnraphaelmarty.

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