2014 planners

I struggled to find a planner I truly love for 2014. I have stepped away from Moleskin for 2014 because the Moleskin planner model I like the best (and have had for the past two years) was sold out when I went to purchase it. So, I was forced to widen my search and choose a different planner.

I ended up going with a printable PDF planner from Etsy ... basically I purchased the PDF file and then I am having it printed and spiral bound. I have yet to receive it from the printer, so I cannot say how I like it quite yet.

This is the printable PDF planner I purchased and I am having it printed and bound by Mimeo. I was specifically looking for a daily planner (something with plenty of room on each day) but where I could see the whole week in one spread. Last week I felt a sense of urgency to get a 2014 planner on order (so I could start organizing it, of course) and rushed to find one that would work for me. Well, I was crunched for time and spent all of 15 minutes frantically searching for my perfect 2014 planner. Not surprisingly, I did not find it, but I did get a planner that will work if nothing else comes up.

If for some reason I don't like the one I am having print and bound, these are my back-ups that I subsequently came across in a less hurried and frenzied search.

Julie Joliat 2014 
Agenda 2014 / For A Better Year

2014 Ardium Light Planner
*not a fan of these candy colors (plain black or gray, please!), but I like the format

Seize the Day Planner
*I know it is a color (not plain black or gray), but I like the orange

Do you have your 2014 planner lined up?

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