2013 holiday gift guide :: what it is + for the men in your life

My Thoughts on Gift Giving

I am not a fan of gifts given simply to fulfill a requirement that "you have to give a gift because it is a holiday". In fact in my family, we have started a tradition of not exchanging gifts except in the case of little ones. Going Christmas-giftless really simplifies things and allows me to focus on aspects of the holidays that are a bigger priority for me: spending quality time with people I love, enjoying downtime at home with the beautiful decorations, and focusing with a thankful heart on all that I have.

 All that said, I don't have anything against gifts. And, I do enjoy giving well-thought out gifts that genuinely reflect the gifter and giftee. So it is in that spirit that I put together the gift guide on my blog each year.

The 2013 &chloe holiday gift guide

This year marks the third year, in fact. However, this year I have simplified things a little and instead of posting about 30-40 individual gift ideas, I will just be posting four guides:

  • today // december 2, 2013 // for the men in your life :: the husband, significant other, best friend, brother, etc. gift guide
  • tomorrow // december 3, 2013 // for your mom :: she's so special, she deserves her own guide
  • wednesday // december 4, 2013 // for the sister and/or best friend :: sometimes these are one in the same and either way she deserves her own gift guide
  • thursday // december 5, 2013 // for the little ones :: the baby and children gift guide
In addition to the gift guide, on Friday I will be posting our {as in little John's} Christmas list to Santa.

See the past gift guides here: //2012// or //2011//

I feel like these gifts are timeless and masculine, fitting for most men in your life whether that be dear old dad, your hubs, or your older/younger brother.

This down jacket is lightweight but definitely provides warmth. I especially love the special edition color "fog", which is a very durable fabric but allows you to see the feathers underneath. This jacket is also available in "regular" (non-special edition) colors for slightly less moula.

no. 2 :: Verve Coffee House Blend $14 for 12 oz. bag
This is some good coffee. If the men in your life like coffee, why not get them a splurge brew that they are unlikely to get for themselves. Need to make it a well rounded gift? Add a french press for home brewing excellence.

I love the look of this bag tag; and it is a little more masculine than a bunch of ribbons for recognizing his luggage at baggage claim. Sign up for Owen & Fred's email list and get a 10% off coupon. Buy two bag tags and get 10% off.

I appreciate this message, the simple vintage design, and the coziness. Hopefully the man in your life will too.

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