2013 holiday gift guide :: for your mom

Mom is one special lady. And, rarely does a gift do her greatness justice. Sometimes a simple gift is a small token of your appreciation or an "investment" piece says it best. Either way, I am laying it down as myth that moms like handmade, homemade, "from-the-heart" crap the best. They deserve more, not in a materialistic sense, but maybe so actually. In the sense that their gift should be more of a sacrifice than others after all they do for us.

A simple, stylish gift. Or replace with some other simple, stylish object that suits her style to a T. The point being that you nail her style in one simple, useful gift.

no. 2 :: Clare Vivier iPad Case $66
Same as note under no. 1.

This is an investment piece, but that is because it is an heirloom piece. It has the same "nail her style" sentiment as no. 1 and no. 2, but a larger price tag to reflect its handmade, artisan beauty and quality. It is one of a kind; just like her. I also love this quilt by Rad and Happy on Etsy.

no. 4 :: Maya Brenner Jewelry Initial Earrings $98 per letter
Get her initials. Maybe her initial and your dad's. These earring are about her (not necessarily your initials). They are elegant and effortless, which match her grace under pressure.

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