the week

I am not one to say things like,  "Gawd, I have had THE worst day/week/etc." The reason is simply because, for one, I am an inherently positive person and two, because when something bad or nasty or problematic happens, I typically roll with the punches, decide to not let it bother me, or find a solution and move on.

But, let me tell you! This week has been a doozy! On Wednesday, I had someone hit and run my new car {I have literally had it for a week} and John's car inexplicably died in poufs of smoke last night. Crappy, right? Yeah. I am not going to lie, I shed some tears over my damaged new car. I know it is just a car and thankfully it is not damaged too badly and we were in no way in danger of being hurt. But, nonetheless, I was royally bummed and shed many a tear and even have had several rants {with curse words} fly outta my mouth.

We still aren't sure what is wrong with John's car; we will hopefully know later this morning. Unfortunately, both of these auto fiascos represent additional expense outlays we did not expect. I am not a particularly suspicious person, but they say things come in threes, so should I be worried {I am not}?

Speaking of not being superstitious, I picked up a cute necklace at Nordstrom yesterday. It was a Dogeared "Karma" necklace. On the packaging, it read, "Karma : What goes around come around."

"Well, Shit." I told my mom, who was will me. "Does this mean Karma is biting me in the ass? What the hell!?" John later pointed out to me that it meant that Karma would bite the guy who hit my car in the ass {yes, mister in the white van who fled the scene of the accident - watch out}. Let's go with that.

The point of this? To vent a little, I suppose. And also, as is my positive nature, to attempt to make the awful events of this week into something a little humorous. I will laugh about it all eventually, right?

Hope you have a great weekend. I hope I do, too!

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