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A big thank you to everyone who took the survey I posted last Tuesday. It really helped me to gain a lot of information about what my readership (YOU) like on the blog. I was very pleasantly surprised to learn that everyone was so happy with the content. I honestly did not know what to expect, and I was happy to learn that the content I post resonates with all of you. I wanted to share a little more about the results I got from the survey and what it all means for &chloe.

reading my blog + social media

There is quite the diversity in how you all read my blog, of all the different possible ways, there is a fairly even distribution as to how you arrive on my blog. However, I was surprised that only about half of my readers subscribe via email ... I personally prefer this avenue for reading blogs that I read close to daily (and almost 70% of my readers read my blog at least several times a week). So, if you do not yet subscribe, you can by providing your email over there to the right. The only purpose of providing your email is to receive my posts via email, so I don't spam you or send you anything else.

Many respondents skipped the question as to whether you follow me on Instagram and Pinterest. I am not sure why. So that is the perfect example where the data from a survey question only raises more questions for me! For anyone interested, you can follow me on Instagram or Pinterest.

&chloe content

As I mentioned, overwhelmingly, you are happy with my content (yay!). Specifically, the most popular content seems to be (in order of popularity, there are some ties):
  1. food posts and life posts
  2. interior design posts
  3. design posts and fashion posts
  4. color posts
What this tells me, along with some comments I received is that you would like to see a little more food and life posts. I actually usually split Fridays between the two topics, so most weeks only have one or other not both. So, as my time and editorial calendar allow, I plan to divide Monday's posts between color posts and life posts, reserving Friday exclusively for food related posts. 

You all love to read about healthy food (yay, again!) and so I hope to focus on talking more about healthy food options, recipes, and I even have a post series in the works that will comprehensively cover my philosophy and guidelines in regards to the way of eating that I call eating and living a healthy food lifestyle. That post series will start next Friday (November 8) and will span several Fridays and will include specific product and recipe suggestions. 

I am doing my first juice cleanse (3-day) starting on November 7th, and I plan to share that experience on the following Monday, November 11th. Have any of you done or considered doing a juice cleanse? I have heard lots of good things about properly executed juice cleanses and I hope to provide not only my experience but some expert information about cleansing and its benefits.

I was surprised that interior design posts (rooms and spaces on Wednesday) took up the number two spot for popularity! I had not expected this and this is a topic I have been sadly neglecting (other than revising the nursery plans again and again and again!). So, I will be posting more rooms and spaces posts, but to help me do so I am bringing my hubby on board. John will be curating some rooms and spaces posts that will feature home tours and interior themed posts. I will also continue to share updates on our home (4880) as we make more progress and as we finish little John's room (no more revisions, I swear, just a final product!).

For fashion posts, several of you asked for some more economical fashion options. I hear you! I know the fashions I feature can be expensive and not practical at times. For me, that is part of what makes those posts fun; just scheming beautiful clothes even if I don't purchase them. But for my own benefit as well as yours, I want to make an effort to find reasonably priced fashion options whether my posts focus on that or just give both options (more and less).

I so glad that a majority enjoy the design posts, as I love sharing projects that I am working on, including my REMEMBER the days! I will keep that content consistent, but I will let you know that I will be offering a 50% (!!!) off sale on my REMEMBER the day fine art prints early in November!

For those of you who mentioned it, the gift guide will be back this year in a more focused way. Instead of days and days of gift ideas, I want to share my gift guide more concentrated in a couple of posts in early December.

thank you

Lastly, a THANK YOU. Thank you for so very much for reading, thank you for responding to the survey, and thank you for the kind words (those of you that commented at the end of the survey). I truly appreciate that you appreciate what I do. Please don't be a quiet follower, I love chatting and interacting with you, so please chime in with comments on posts, Instagram, and Facebook. Don't be strangers. This blog of mine is a small part of my little online community and it will be much more fun for everyone if we interact more like a community does. So, in other words, don't be a stranger!

And, Jess Heimer - you are the winner of the REMEMBER the day fine art print! I will be in touch with you later today regarding that!

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