taking stock

{image by me, posted to Instagram, purchased from oh my deer on Etsy}

Making : time to enjoy the fall weather; we need to go on more walks!

Cooking : what's that? I love to cook, but since little John's arrival back in May I have left that to my mom. I cook only simple stuff.

Drinking : wine. I am actually occasionally drinking wine. I might have a couple sips (literally) with dinner. Still just not a big wine drinker.

Reading: not as much as I would like. The only book I am reading right now is baby-related, but it is a good one (The Wonder Weeks).

Wanting: fall to last as long as possible (see: Making)

Looking: for the perfect pair of booties for fall

Playing: Pandora on our Sonos system all day, every day (liking our Lullaby station and The XX station)

Wasting: time hanging out with little John, cultivating his laugh, except it doesn't feel like a waste at all.

Sewing: absolutely nothing. But, my sister is.

Wishing: there were more hours in the day ... see here for my state of mind on many-o-days.

Enjoying: my four and a half month old ... he keeps getting better.

Waiting: for John to get home as I write this. It is always a highlight of my day when he gets home.

Liking: oatmeal for lunch on a regular basis

Wondering: who is @chloemarty on Instagram - that should be MY handle (I am @chloechristinemarty)! If you find out, let me know.

Loving: little John's smiles ... he has different kinds and the happy-to-see-you, the shy smile, the almost-giggle, the I-am on-the-verge-of-not-smiling smile, the about-to-laugh smile

Hoping: little John's hair grows in soon. He is in the process of balding so his new hair can grow.

Marvelling: at the Colorado mountains, won't ever take those for granted again

Needing: an endless supply of these delicious, not-bad-for-you treats. I love the brownie and chocolate chip, and want to try the vanilla coconut. You can get 'em at Whole Foods.

Smelling: Yes to Carrots baby lotion - my favorite for myself and little John.

Wearing: jeans and tees. all day. everyday. you surprised?

Following: some fun people on Instagram. Just a few of my favorites: @taza, @heirloomla, @freshlypicked, @aimbabyshop

Noticing: a slight fall crispness in the air

Knowing: that time flies

Thinking: ahead

Feeling: like I want to focus more on living in the now

Bookmarking: wedding stuff to assist my sis

Opening: windows to let that crisp fall air in (see: Noticing) and blinds to let that sunshine in

Giggling: see: Loving

Feeling: excited for my and my sister's new venture

Saw this on Meet Me at Mike's and liked the idea.

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