unplugging ... somewhat

Little John and I are headed {along with my mom} to Phoenix tomorrow to visit my sister and her family. The main purpose of the trip is to celebrate Asher's first birthday. I cannot wait to share the design I did for his first birthday invitations {that is the envelope for the invitation above}, which I will do soon.

I am looking forward to a Phoenix trip; it has been about eight months since I have been there. I have so many favorite places I want to go - see this post from my last trip in January. Crazy little known fact: when I was there last year at this time when Asher was born, I was preg with little John and did not even know it! Such a weird thought for me.

Since I am traveling/flying with my mom, I really don't have any anxiety over traveling with a 3 1/2 month old. Her company should help get us through the trip, as well as the fact that little John {other than hating hating hating his carseat} is a pretty easy going little guy.

While I am away, I have decided to put my website and Etsy shop in "vacation mode" - something I have never done before {crazy!}. Part of becoming a momma prompted me to evaluate how I manage my time and forced me to be choosey about how I multitask. I need to devote my time solely to my son, as well as take time where I only focus on work. So not only have I changed how I manage my time and work when I am at home {no more one-handed working: baby in one hand, working with the other}, I have also decided that certain trips/vacations, like this one, will be more unplugged. That said, I will still be posting a little here and there while I am gone and I am still available by email - I am just not taking orders. 

Maybe the whole conversation about balancing life as a self-employed/work-from-home designer and mom is a topic for another time ... but for now I will leave it at that. For any other working moms out there, I know you probably can relate. 

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