estes park

Last Thursday we took a drive to Estes Park {a little mountain town about 65 miles northwest of Denver}. The drive is a beautiful one; we went through Boulder and Nederland; and the town itself is quaint.

From 1955-1963, my dad's family spent their summers in Estes Park, so we also took it as an opportunity to see their summer home {The Solheim Family lodge} and to go past places my dad remembers from his summers there {including the historic Elkhorne Lodge, which his dad/my grandfather used to own}.

The day was a gloomy rainy one, but I am a fan of that kind of weather and it made for some beautiful views from the old family summer home with Longs Peak up in the clouds. John and I enjoyed the time in the car to chat and little John did well but also wailed in his carseat {see last bullet point in Monday's post}.

I love day trips like this one where the itinerary is lax and the goal is to find a good little lunch spot midday.

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