This photo was taken last time I was in Durango ... all the way back in October of last year when I took a trip to Durango by way of Denver from Miami. I had just found out about two weeks previous that I was pregnant; it was a big surprise. At the time this photo was taken, very few people knew I was expecting.

Fast forward nine months later and our baby boy is here. Not only that, but we are back in Colorado, living in Denver. And, for a couple of weeks, we are visiting Durango. Just got here yesterday.

Wow. Much as changed. Some surprises in there, but the change has all been for good.

While we are in Durango, we are looking forward to doing what we have always loved doing in Durango - road running, trail running, cycling, and mountain biking. We also want to visit some of our favorite restaurants, and shop the farmers market (which I still maintain is one of the best I have ever been to). We will also catch up with friends and introduce them to little John. Amidst all that, I hope to pretend like I live there - go grocery shopping, run errands, walk Main Ave.

So, a lot to fit in, for sure and I hope I get to do it all. Doing so may make it a little trickier to get posts up here on &chloe every day, so bear with me. I will be posting, just not every day while I am in Durango. I do, however, hope to be Instagramming a lot, so follow along on Instagram.

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