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So last week I shared some of my thoughts on identity design as well as the logo design I was working on for AIMbaby. As I continue the identity design process with my client, we have finalized her brand/identity/logo guidelines and business card designs.

Last week I mentioned the importance of defining and setting guidelines, and this is usually done in a PDF/document like this one:
The PDF/document defines:

  • the logo and its variations
  • the typefaces that are used in the logo and other collateral
  • the colors
  • any icons that are suitable for use in collateral, in this case it is the elements that make up the logo broken apart
  • how the business name should be written/typed in plain text
Here is a closer look at the sections of this document:
The business cards are the next piece in AIMbaby's identity that I am sharing today.

My client and I decided upon kraft paper stock for her business cards. And, there will be two versions; one with just her her website and Etsy shop and website and another with her name plus these web addresses. Each card serves a different purpose.

And, yes, as you see my client is my sister! Although she is my sister and that in and of itself makes this a fun project, at the same time my process and relationship with her in terms of working to craft her brand identity are the same as if I were working with any other client. 

{Note: The web addresses on the business card mock-up are not live yet and are subject to change.}

From here, the next step is to move forward with opening up shop on Etsy, which Jonna will work on and I will assist by providing the necessary graphics that she needs for her shop. We will also be setting up her website, which for the time being will be a landing page. After the Etsy shop and website, this project will be essentially complete; although I will continue to offer my design services as needed when a new piece of design or marketing collateral is needed.

And, I will keep you posted on the official launch of AIMbaby!

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