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Back in January, I shared a little bit about my process of designing a logo. I just wrapped up another logo design project and I thought I would share it as well.

My client contacted me to design a logo for her wedding and events business/property. She and her husband have a beautiful property in Animas Valley near Durango, Colorado which can be reserved for weddings and events. She had a great website but was not happy with the logo that was on it as a "placeholder". So she contacted me to design a logo for use on her website, as well as for use in other marketing materials.

The feel of the logo needed to fit Colorado, mountains, rustic, etc. but she also wanted it to feel modern. It needed to be appropriate for not only the wedding side of the business, but also for the corporate event side of the business.

Here are some of the initial designs that we tossed around.

Interestingly, the logo took on a decidedly western feel, and most of the concepts had a rustic, yet modern feel.

We refined the logo to this design, which is now installed on her website along with a new favicon.

Along with a neutral color, we also added some woodgrain. The logo has a transparent background so that despite the woodgrain, it still maintains its transparency to the images that rotate on the home page behind the navigation bar on the left.

The logo has two versions for use outside of the website; a white/transparent background version and a dark background version. Depending on the application of the logo, one or the other can be used.

I love the way this logo turned out. I would love to design some business cards around these beauties now! I am thinking kraft paper could be absolutely beautiful...

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