this weekend

I am lucky to have two of my dearest friends coming to visit me this weekend. We don't plan to do a lot of tourist-y, sight-seeing things, that isn't necessary the point of this trip nor is it particularly our style. Instead we are filling the weekend with plenty of time to be together to just chat. So, for starters, we will be eating out at some of the places that I think are the best here in Miami. Specifically, Choices Cafe for the Mental Lentil wrap, Acme Bakery for breakfast {I will be having the benedict like I did last time}, YardBird for brunch, and either BondSt or PubBelly for sushi. We have appointments at a blow dry bar and will spend a day shopping at the largest (and what I would call best) mall in the Miami-area (Aventura Mall). None of us are big mall shoppers, and I wouldn't say we would ever call it one of our interests or hobbies, but we enjoy a good rare, occasional mall day. We will get in a walk or two, in my neighborhood but also on Miami Beach. And, we have dedicated one afternoon to laying by the pool. It should be an absolutely lovely weekend. Don't worry about John; he is having his own lovely weekend in Park City where he is on a ski trip with buddies.

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