PURE mamas giveaway!

Over the past month, I collaborated with Juli of PURE mamas and Kookie Karma to create this special print.

Juli and I had wanted to collaborate on a project, and she brought this idea to me: she wanted a simple, beautiful print that captures the ideal dynamic of the relationship with her two young boys. Read about Juli's sentiment about this message here on her blog.

Well, as part of the creation of this print, and as part of PURE mamas holiday giveaways, Juli and I are giving one of her readers this beautiful print. In addition to that, another reader will also win a custom *REMEMBER the day* print! TO ENTER head over to Juli's giveaway post here.

This "love is..." print is also available for purchase in my Etsy shop, where you can customize the color  of "love". Be sure to check out Juli's blog post for a coupon code before you purchase the print, though!

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