2012 holiday gift guide :: recap

Well, that wraps up the two weeks of gift ideas that make up the 2nd annual &chloe holiday gift guide!

Shop my gift guide on Luvocracy...

Have you heard of Luvocracy? It is very similar to Pinterest in functionality of how you save (pin) things; however it takes things one step further and you can actually purchase items and checkout through Luvocracy. It is quite a unique concept; I am new to it myself. But I have put all the gift guide items into a collection essentially making Luvocracy a one-stop-shop for making gift purchases off of my gift guide.

Shop the &chloe 2012 gift guide on Luvocracy here!

You can also see all of the gifts again here or you can see them all on the Pinterest board I have created for that purpose.

Next week, the holiday fun continues with some wrapping paper ideas, my wish list, a Christmas image round-up, and more!

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