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:: creamy cauliflower and potato soup ::
:: vegetarian taco salad ::
:: pancetta, white bean, and chard pot pies ::
:: slow cooker chicken enchilada soup ::

A couple of notes on today's recipes ... the cauliflower and potato soup is from my friend TiAn's blog, Unruly Bliss. I highly recommend you check it out. Every recipe she posts sounds fantastic and I love her photography.

I think this taco salad would be tasty made as-is vegetarian, but I might sub in some cooked organic, grass-fed ground beef or bison cooked with some taco seasoning, onions, and chard (sneak in those greens!).

I am just dying to make these pot pies. I am not skilled at crusts/pastry, but these pies sound so good, it'll be worth the effort. I think I will make these when we have some guests over, but I need to do a test run at least once first  - gotta make sure they turn our edible {taste good} and palatable {look good}. It is worth mentioning, Smitten Kitchen is just came out with a cook book and this recipe was a sneak peek from it. I may have to order that tome for my cooking library!

Lastly, this slow cooker chicken enchilada soup has been calling my name since I pinned it weeks ago - time to actually make it! I just recently discovered Cooking Classy's blog and have pinned a plethora of delicious soups from it!

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