refreshing my identities

One area of design where my passion is strongest is branding, logo design, and identity development. I am always excited when a logo/identity project comes in. I love just looking and studying logo and identity design done well, as evidenced by my Pinterest board dedicated to the topics (logos here and business cards & packaging here).

In the midst of projects of all kinds for clients, I have been wanting to dedicate some time to my own brand. I wanted to spruce up my website for hello there, design (the cap under which I do my freelance design work). I also wanted to update my business cards so that people could get to know me from looking at them, and also see all the places to find me. My business cards needed to encompass all three of the brands that make up ME. Finally, I also wanted to create a little more cohesiveness between those three brands - my blog here, hello there, design, and *REMEMBER the day*. That cohesiveness is still elusive, as my color palettes and typefaces are different and distinct for each of these three identities; however, I think the "feel" is more on the same page.

Last week my new business cards came from the Moo (I heart Moo - their print quality for business cards cannot be beat and the price is reasonable). They are fun and colorful; hopefully catchy and memorable.

And, this weekend I tackled re-coding my hello there, design website.

My hello there, design website is kind of the catch-all for my brands/ventures ... somewhere people can land and go from there to see what I offer and what else I am up to. So, I wanted it the site be branded distinctly hello there, design; but I also wanted to keep it simple and clean.

Click the image of my website to check it out - let me know what you think!


Pati Mo said...

your business cards are so cute! Is that letterpress?

chloe marty said...

Pati, these are actually MOO's classic business cards. They beautiful quality. A little more expensive than bargain places like VistaPrint, but the quality is a million times better.

JL Candelaria said...

I LOVE your cards!! I also happend accross the new hello there, design while working on my blog (you'll see it soon) and love it. All 3 brands are unique, but I agree, more cohesive now. Nice nice work!!

chloe marty said...

thank you, JL!


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