furnishing our new home :: update

It has been a while since I have given an update on our furniture situation. As of now we have none - ha! But, we continue to work with Pierce & Co., looking at tear sheets, making decisions, etc. Things are definitely coming together ... some pieces have been ordered, including our sofa!

Today, I wanted to share the layout plan for the living and dining area ... it gives you an idea of how things are going. It may be tough but picture this space filled with furniture in the below arrangement.

The layout is pretty self-explanatory ... that is an entry/console table across from the U-shaped kitchen. We will have stools at the bar. Comfy seating will consist of a sectional with a chaise, and two chairs (one by the sofa and the other next to the TV stand). John is selling his big tower speakers, so those will not be in the mix, but we will have TV console table that is gorgeous and functional (for our giant 60" TV).

I am loving that Brad at Pierce & Co. went for an unexpected placement of the dining table. Not only does this mean the dining table is by the big french doors that open on the patio  (great view for me since this table is also my desk/office), but it also makes it so that the dining table is not right next to the stools (which would make for a clutter of chair and stools). I love that I will be sitting next to the bright, warm french doors as I work, and for dining it will make for an equally nice view.

And, exciting... I will eventually share the finished space...

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JL Candelaria said...

I can picture it and CAN NOT wait to see the finished product!! It is going to be wonderful! Thanks for the update :)


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