this weekend

This is just some of what I plan to do this weekend ... this is the new book I want to start (I have read the author's other three books - great mysteries/thrillers). And, I will share more about Georgia's Union soon, it is an amazing local, organic restaurant in Miami Beach.

What are you up to?


Pati Mo said...

Volleyball on the beach sounds wonderful! I'm thinking about going to a movie or playing volleyball as well

chloe marty said...

Thanks for coming by, Pati Mo! Love your blog, by the way. Your post on patterns the photos from Portugal - AMAZING!

If it rains, I may have to catch a film myself!

Pati Mo said...

Hi Chloe, thanks for stopping by! I'm new to this world of blogging, but loving it so far. You got a new follower :)


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