a week of hydrating

A little bit of a deviation from color monday, today's post is about hydration. I have been feeling dehydrated and between the warmer weather and my increased mileage on the bike, I am feeling the need for serious hydration.

Last week, Juli over at Pure Mamas talked about hydrations, her week of serious hydration, and all the benefits. Reading her post is what made me what to do my own serious hydration week.

So, my plan is to drink more water (preferably with lime or lemon) and to juice lots of chlorofyl at least once if not twice a day. I already juice every morning and drink only water (I don't drink any other beverages), so this won't be so much a change in what I drink so much as an increase in how much I drink. I also want to go off my beaten path a little more and try some new water infusions (cucumber, perhaps) and add some different veggies to my juicing regime (right now I juice my "regulars" of kale, cucumber, parsley, apple, ans orange).

My proposal to you is to try your own week of serious hydration as well. I am betting once I hydrate more this week it will become more of a habit. Throughout the week, I will mention how I am doing and what I am drinking; please chime in and do the same in the comments!

Also, head over to Pure Mama's and read Juli's posts { ::1:: ::2:: ::3:: }about her week of serious hydration to get all the info on the benefits, as well as some hydration recipe ideas!

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